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Reiki sessions are now available outdoors at the park for pets... and their people!

Children are invited as well! *An indoor location is also available for skittish pets and in the event of inclement weather. Would you like to share a wonderful healing experience with your beloved fur baby? Consider booking 30 minutes of grounded meditative Reiki energy healing outside in nature with an experienced, empathic and caring Reiki Master to balance and revitalize the energy between yourself and your pet!

Is your pet not feeling so well? Elderly? In physical pain or discomfort? Is your pet dealing with stress, anxiety or trauma? How about you? Reiki can help!

Are you having a difficult time bonding with or training a new pet? Is your pet having trouble dealing with a new baby in the home? Or a new lover? Family members or friends? Reiki can help!

Reiki works to create balance and harmony on all levels... 

Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually!


The most wonderful thing about Reiki is that it is non-invasive and doesn't even require physical contact or touch. Some pets prefer not to be touched by someone they don't know...especially if they've been abused in the past. That is completely understandable. Your pet's boundaries, as well as your own, will always be respected!

Reiki can also be performed from a distance. Is your pet afraid to leave home or just very comfortable staying put? Most cats prefer to stay at home where they feel safe. I understand! I have 3 cats! If this is the case we can schedule a 30 minute distance healing session for your cat, or any immobile pet you may have.

So what is REIKI?

Reiki is simply spiritually guided life-fore energy channeled for healing.

How is REIKI performed on you and your pet?

The short answer is that I hold out my hands and direct the healing energy at you and your pet. (Or just your pet if you prefer!) If comfortable I will also place my hands on your pet... and possibly you as well! Traditional Reiki sessions usually take place on a massage table (or a chair). Our reiki sessions will be outdoors on the grass or indoors on a couch, chair or on the floor. Distance healing sessions are performed remotely. For distance healing sessions all I would need is the name of your pet(s) and a photo.

Why am I performing REIKI for Pets and Their People? Why not just the pet?

One cannot deny the fact that pet owners have a special bond with their pets. We live with them, share energy with them and consider them to be part of the family. Therefore if our pets are not feeling well or if an imbalance of some kind exists, then we too are affected by this imbalance and vice versa. Therefore, if you feel that your pet needs Reiki energy healing, chances are... so do you!

Why Reiki in the park?

Stepping away from the daily grind, whereby we are constantly bombarded with unnatural and harmful frequencies such as wi-fi, cell phones and computers, and going into nature makes it easier to relax and decompress. In particular, sitting on the earth, on grass or sand at the beach has a grounding effect and is a healing remedy in and of itself. (Check out earthing!) This makes the park a perfect location for Reiki energy healing and for positive transformations to take place.

Can anyone perform REIKI?

Yes, anyone can perform Reiki if they've received Reiki attunements to channel Reiki.

I have been a certified Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master since 2014. I received my certification through the International Center for Reiki Training.

What made me decide to become a REIKI healer?

In late 2012 my cat Felix became terribly ill. He was diagnosed with cryptococcus of the central nervous system. He had trouble standing, walking and jumping but even worse...he stopped eating! The appetite stimulant that the vet prescribed for him was not working! I decided to hire a Reiki energy healer for pets to help him. After one session Felix made a miraculous recovery and started eating again! That's when I decided that I wanted to become a Reiki energy healer myself. The rest is history! FYI It's approximately 12 years later and Felix is still doing exceptionally well. He has transformed from a scared sick street cat into a very loving healthy happy cat! Reiki saved his life! My other two cats are doing exceptionally well too. They are all up there in age but I keep telling them that they don't look a day over 1 years old! They actually look incredible for their ages!

Reiki Energy Healing has played a major role in my pets well-being, health and happiness! Perhaps it can do the same for you and your pet(s)?

Interested in trying a session to see if Reiki is right for you and your pet(s)?

Sessions are $60 for 30 minutes in person and $50 for 30 minutes remotely.

*Mention that you are scheduling Reiki for the first time to receive a $10 discount off your first session.

Where will sessions take place?

Sessions will take place at Griffith Park or any nearby public park in Atwater Village, Los Feliz, Glendale, Silver Lake or Echo park, CA (preferably away from noise and traffic!) If there is a specific park location nearby where your pet feels safe and comfortable please let me know. If you and your pet prefer an indoor location I have one available in Atwater Village, CA. Just ask when scheduling! FYI I do not visit private homes.

When are sessions available?

Availability is Monday through Friday 12:30pm-4pm with advance notice. If those days/ times do not work for you, it may be possible to schedule on a different day/ time. But please keep in mind that weekends can be very busy and noisy at the park. My indoor location may be noisy and busy on the weekends as well.

How do you contact me?

Please text or call 818-521-2308 to schedule a session or to ask questions about a session. You can also email me at but please keep in mind that emails may take a little longer to receive a response.

How do you compensate me?

I accept cash and payments through zelle.

Do I have reviews?

I sure do! Please go to my yelp page at: Jennie's Yelp Reviews

 I look forward to hearing from you soon! Be well!

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